Friday, April 20, 2012


When i posted in my facebook that i am going to NZ my sisters starts bombarding me with questions and telling me i should not bring my mom go backpacking. I don't think it is really backpacking. Just travelling free and easy on our own. I do not want to pay the tour company just to bring us in coaches to where they want and not what i want. I have always wanted to go NZ since 1987 when my supervisor in my ex company said she went there with her husband on a caravan or what they call campervan.

Since then i have always love to go NZ one day. So excited that this day is near soon. I am planning all the details as i do not want to waste my time n money on some tour which do not go where i wanted.

Places i wants to go:-


As i only have 12 days n 11 nights it is a bit tight. In the beginning i am quite "kan cheong" so already booked few hotels. Then i changed one hotel because i found another one nearer the Intercity bus terminal. As my mom is old and i am not so energetic i decided to play safe and stay all around the main city area.

Some tours to consider is Great sights and Awesome tours and many other tours company but I decided to go ourselves and try to save some cash. There is one tour option that is similiar to what we have done :- I did not see this before.

We will also do some other sight seeing ourselves. Like the Sky tower in Auckland, geysers in Rotorua, shopping in wherever we can.

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