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Itinerary for Milford Sound from Great Sights.

Take an unforgettable journey into the heart of Milford Sound. You'll experience the world famous fiord - rich in dense rainforest, glacier carved valleys and beautiful waterfalls.

Journey across the Southern Alps and travel deep into the Homer Tunnel, a 1.2km tunnel drilled through solid rock. Uncover Eglinton Valley, a place of ancient alpine forest and gushing waterfalls, take photos of the stunning Mirror Lakes, then walk across The Chasm.

At the deep waters of Milford Sound, board your 1 3/4 hour Southern Discoveries Scenic Cruise. See the wonders of Mitre Peak, glacier-scarred rock walls and waterfalls that tumble through valleys and crash into the sea far below.

After your cruise return to Queenstown by coach. Alternatively book a scenic flight option (optional extra).


I met David the driver outside the supermarket in the morning when i wanted to buy some more sandwiches as i ate one yesterday night. He bus was parked outside the supermarket. He came down and we chatted for a while. Then i hurriedly bought what i want and went back to the bus stop where the bus just drive up.

Today we are going to see the great Milford Sound. The driver is from Maori descent. I cannot hear what he said his name was. The bus have a glass top where you can see the view above. He will be bringing us to some other locations besides going to Milford Sound. We will stop at Te Anau. He pronounced Te Anau funny and I didn't get what he was talking most of the time.
  • Te Anau
We stop here for a short break and eat breakfast, we ordered one leek and veg soup and shared. Mom said she cannot finished one bowl herself. So we always shared the soup. We also eat the tuna sandwiches mom make last night and tried the sushi i bought yesterday night in the supermarket and kept the sandwiches we bought in the supermarket this morning to eat in the boat. Actually we bought a few sandwiches, we had ham and salmon sandwiches.

NZ DSCN0718_20120531_1001

NZ DSCN0719_20120531_1005

  • Eglinton Valley - ancient alpine beech forest, stunning waterfalls
  • Mirror Lakes - we went down for a quick photo taking.
  • Homer Tunnel - We went thru this tunnel but did not stop
  • Fiordland National Park -
  • Knobs Flat - We dropped by for a quick toilet stop and took some pictures. There is lots of flies flying around. We quickly went up the bus.
  • Christie Falls -
  • The Chasm (subject to road and weather conditions) - We have 15 mins to explore here but we did not walk all the way inside as mom is worried we might take too long.
  • Southern Discoveries Scenic Cruise - At 2.30pm we reach the Discoveries center to take the cruise. The driver will wait for us at the center.

We boarded the ship and went up to check out the deck. There are 3 levels. The top deck is very cold and windy. We have to zipped up our jackets.

The 2nd level have a outside deck and the inside is heated. The below they have buffet for those who ordered their lunch there. We eat our packed lunch. As i know the buffet is expensive so i asked mom to prepared tuna sandwiches before going out the night before.

We saw many waterfalls in the Milford Sound running down the rocky mountains. I saw on the movie there how they built the Hommer tunnel which is very difficult. On the background there is the mountain called Mitre Peak which is very steep like knife and a challenge for mountaineers to try climbing.

I went to the captain corner and he told me to go outside the deck where something is going to happen. I called mom and we went outside where we reached and see the largest waterfall flowing down. When mom come down the stairs we quickly took some pictures and asked one girl to take one for us. We were getting wet. The waterfalls falls on our back. Mom jacket is wet. Mine is not so much as i ran faster to shelter. I helped her clean the wet jacket.

Then we went back inside for some warm air and go to the toilet. After that the boat went back to the cruise centre and the driver is there. We went express back to Queenstown. Mom is not feeling well after all the turning here and there of the road.

I cooked the chicken wings and ate with maggi mee and i saved some for her after i eat finished at the kitchen. She said she is ok after bathing and resting for a while. I said i will go out myself and do some grocery shopping since she is not well. I bought some bread, pizza bread, veg and one box of eggs. Then i went back to bath and go online with the free wifi.



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