Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The plane touch down in New Zealand Airport at 9.30am and we check out and find a bus to shuttle us to the Domestic Airport and to board the connecting plane to Christchurch. The plane is lifting off at 1.20pm so we hurry and grab a bite at Macdonalds. I bought big mac for mom and i choose fish fillet.

When we reached Christchurch we have to take the Intercity bus from the Airport to Christchurch Bealey Avenue. We waited for a while at the bus stop outside the Airport. As it is the first time we are taking this bus we were worried that we missed the bus as we have no idea which one is it.

I checked my ticket and it says it is by Newsman couch. After asking around we finally saw the bus coming about 5 mins late at 4.05pm. We will take this again from Queenstown to Christchurch on the 1st june.

When we reach Christchurch it is around 4.30pm. We checked in to the Bealey Ave Motel after dragging our luggage from the bus stop. The owner is Andy. He also let us pay when we come back from Queenstown. We cooked our maggi mee for dinner as we did not have time to find any cafe along this road. The i decided to asked the owner to let us keep our bags there until the 1st june as we are coming back here again. The lady at the reception says her boss says it is ok. I told her we have to leave at 6am tomorrow. She says she will come and open the office for us.

We packed what we needed for two days at Queenstown using Mom's bag as mine is either too big or too small. We will leave my two bags here. Then i was reading up some tours booklets and mom says we have to sleep early. She says it is going to 12am soon. Soon she went to sleep. Then when i look at my phone and it says 5 but did not check it is am or pm. Then I hurry up and bath and thinking i only have one hour to sleep i set the alarm to one hour and fell asleep. After dreaming about something i wake up suddenly and look at the phone clock it is 6.

I wake mom up and we hurry to the office to put our bags there and told the owner we checking out. He was sleeping. We walked to the bus stop with one bag. We took some pictures on the way and suddenly i saw on my camera that is is 11pm. I looked up the sky and it was dark and have a moon. I told mom and i went to peeped at the shop where there is a clock. The hand is at 11. Then i asked my mom how? She says we go back lah. How can we wait for 7 hours outside. Hahaha.

Then we walked back and ring the office again. Andy came down and asked me "What is going on , I need to sleep". After telling him that our time is wrong we get back the key and went to the room to sleep. Andy says please leave the key on the table as he don't want to wake up so early.

After sleeping for few hours we woke up again and went to the bus stop again.

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