Sunday, June 3, 2012


We woke up early and went to the bus stop. Sitting on the wet brick divider outside some shops. The driver today is very nasty. His name is Graham. We also waited at the wrong bus stop but we saw the bus and hurry to the next bus stop which is quite near and there are other people waiting there.

When he see us he asked me for a boarding pass which we do not have. When i try to show him my tickets which is not the right one he snapped at me. He said if i don't get the boarding pass from the office and stop arguing with him , he will leave us here.

So i ran to the office and asked the gal for the boarding pass and i told the gal that he is very fierce to me. I also asked her whether i need to get the ferry boarding pass from her or not. She says she will print for me something which is only the ticket for me to take the ferry. The gal says he is not supposed to leave me here whatever happens. I think i might complain to the Intercity.

He refused to take mom's bags inside the bus too until i give him the boarding pass. Other bus also no need boarding pass. I do not know why. After settling this we went up the bus.

Today is a lousy start of the day. Our itineray is from Christchurch to Picton, from Picton we have to take a ferry to Wellington. From the ferry port we have to take a shuttle bus to the Railway station. I am quite nervous taking so many connections.

On the way we stop at one town for a bite and go toilet. Even other passengers do not talk to the nasty driver today. We are all nervous and i am angry with him. I don't look at him when he talks to us on the bus.

On the 3rd june, we found one cafe having seafood chowder, the chowder is very good having prawns and crab meat and squid inside too. But we were in a hurry we shared the soup.


We arrived in Picton and make our way to the checkin counter to checkin our bags. There is a slight hiccup as the counter gal looks for my mom name in the computer as i do not have the ticket printed as i thought it is not necessary. Mine was printed by the Intercity gal at the office. She did not give me mom's copy. Anyway she gives mom a plastic boarding pass which she says it can be used.

NZ DSCN2347_20120603_1341

We went around the ferry and there is a viewing deck on the top floor. I took some pictures and we went down. On the 7th floor there is a cafe so we decided to settle down to eat something. I ordered two fish and mom says she only want one. After eating i went and found us some seats facing the sea. Eating so much fish today makes me very full. I was thinking of bringing one to the motel for dinner but i lazy to bring so i ate all on the ferry.
After arriving we collected our bags and found the shuttle bus to take us to the Railway station where we are staying at the nearby hotel so that we don't have to walk so far when we arrived and depart. We checked in and have to pay $20 for card key deposit. :( The Downstown backpacker's heater is not hot and feels chilly.

For dinner i don't feel like eating but mom says she is hungry but she don't want to eat alone. She only wants to shared the food. I told her to eat at the cafe in the hostel but she don't want. Then i say cook mmee lah. She not happy and went to sleep. So i went down the kitchen and cooked some mmee and asked her to eat.

Then we went to sleep as it was drizzling outside and mom do not want to take a taxi to check out the cable cars there. Anyway it is quite late already.
We did not do much thing in Wellington as it is more of a stop for going up to Rotorua. If we have planned two nights here we might be able to check out something here.  

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