Friday, June 8, 2012


The hot and cold taps in this hotel is terrible. I do not know how to use warm water with 2 separate taps. After washing up we went out for breakfast. Was walking along the street thinking whether to eat MacDonald as got free wifi or food court or other burger shops. Mom pointed to the shop having fried chicken and rice. She just missed having rice.

NZ DSCN3741_20120608_0930

So she have her rice with chicken and i choose chickens, one thigh and one drum with coleslaw. Their coleslaw is sour. Did not finished. Then we went to find bus to tour the city. We took one city bus and drop at the Auckland fish market. Mom says that is nothing there to see. I talked to the driver and he suggested that we go have a look and also tell us to take the tram. But when we reached the market i forgot about the tram. We saw oysters and bought one packet $20 for a dozen.

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After finishing the oysters we also bought some other stuffs. We went back to the bus stop and as i see one bus there we hurry and board the bus forgetting to try the tram. Then we stop at the Britomart train station. I asked mom want to take the train or not. It is the old kind of trains. Only $2.00 for one ride to Newmarket. So we took it.

We dropped at Newmarket and went out the station shopping. Got the whole rows of shops there. I saw Cotton on. After shopping but without buying anything we went to looking for food at one shopping center. Maybe after eating the oysters we need to drink hot soup or water. Else the stomach is feeling funny. 


Mom ordered the Japanese Udon noodles soup and i ordered the Soba Noodles soup but we cannot finished because the soup is not tasty and we don't like the noodles. Maybe we are not really hungry or we haven't digest the oysters yet. It is seafood flavour but the ingredients is all fake. No seafood at all only tofu. It is at the shopping centre in Newmarket.

Then we took a bus back to the city dropping at around our hotel. We should drop back at Britomart as i haven take pictures of the boats and we forgot the tram. Anyway too late and we are back in the hotel. We changed our clothes and i did want wear my jacket and went out again for dinner and some more shopping at the shoe shop which was having sale. I bought one tights and mom bought one pair of shoe.

Then we went to eat dinner at another different food court as we cannot find the one we went yesterday. I think this is the Elliot Atrium Food Court. We found this food court better. They have more "zhi char" kind of food. Got fried rice, noodles, meat and veg dishes. We saw one ang moh eating big plate of noodles, we found the stall he ordered and got one plate ourselves. We split into two plates. The beef is not hard quite nice and it only cost $9.00. Then we bought some chicken for lunch in the plane tomorrow.


After that we wanted to buy something for the flight back and mom at first says buy cake. Then we decided to buy chicken. Although it would be cold by the morning we bought some each. I checked my coins and decided to buy 3 pcs at $8.50 , mom bought 2 only at $6.80.

We went back to the hotel to sleep early as we need to take the bus at 6am.

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