Saturday, June 2, 2012


Actually i was thinking of taking a train from Christchurch to Arthur's pass but i find the cost too expensive, around $200 return. So we have one day free in Christchurch and as the city is closed for most part, i decided to book the Antartica at the airport. It was on special promotion too at $55 each from $65.

We went out after eating mmee with veg. We have to walk since there is no other means of getting to the pick up point for a free shuttle bus to Antartica. I know the centre of the city is blocked but i did not know they changed the block area.

We started in Bealey Avenue and walked along Manchester street and tried to get to Worcester street but it was blocked all around. So we have to walked and walked until after Cashew street one whole circle. Then we managed to reach there. Mom was tired after walking so far. Then when we reached Montreal street we walked up and i know it is somewhere around here.

Then I saw the shuttle bus waiting there. There is also a sign saying pick up point for Antartic Centre. We went up the bus and some children came after we went up. After a 45mins drive we arrived there.

We took the Hagglund ride when we reached there. It was quite rough. We take one time and went inside to find the penquins. We only see some penquins inside the enclosed area.

We also tried the snow and storm room where we had to wear extra clothing and put on slip over boots. We also went out after a few minutes as the storm is quite strong. There is snow coming down too. I should go back again for second time as there is nothing else to see.

There is also a 4D show and movie. It was ok but it was a bit kiddy for us. When we see the movie inside we almost fell asleep there.

There is a shop outside and a cafe. We eat our packed sandwiches because there is not much things that we liked to eat there.

Then we went back taking the bus. The driver is very good and he dropped us at the Bealey Avenue road. We only have to walk abit to our hotel. We asked him where we can find good food and he recommended us the Thai food and another Pub restaurant. When we walked back to the hotel we saw the Thai food, it is make of 2 containers. As the Thai food is nearer we decided to come back later to get the packed food for dinner.

NZ DSCN1849_20120602_1835

Actually i remembered seeing the Thai food sign as it is opposite the bus stop that we dropped on the 1st or 2nd day. We went out to buy the Thai take out after resting a while. They have many kinds of fried meat with rice or noodles. We choose two with rice, pork and chicken. One dish is $11.90. After eating we decided to wash some clothes as the laundry here is very cheap. Only $2.00 for one wash or one dry.

NZ DSCN1850_20120602_1836

I set the dryer to medium as i am afraid it will melt some of the plastic on my shirt. Later we discovered it is not dried. Therefore i suggested to use the heater to dried our clothes. I hang all my clothes on top of the heater. After few hours it is all dried.

We packed all our clothes and get ready to check out tomorrow early in the morning. We have no trouble sleeping as we were both tired from all the walking.

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