Saturday, June 9, 2012


We woke up and get ready to go down and check out. After checking out and paying we waited at the lobby. Then i get restless and went out to try to take some pictures. Mom did not follow me. She looking after the bags.

Then when i wanted to go back in , the door is locked . You can go out but not in before 7am. I called my mom. Then the shuttle bus arrived . It is a small van with a luggage trailer behind and it is quite cute. When my mom steps on the area to make the door open i quickly went in and grabbed my bags out. Then the driver helped us to load the luggages in the luggage trailer and off we went to the airport.

Since we were very early i wanted to go shopping after taking breakfast at Macdonald's. I had big breakfast and mom have bacon, egg muffin with hot chocolate.

Then i went into one shop and mom still looking for her favourite tee shirt. We were thinking of spending all our bal money on shopping. Forgot to pack extra food as i thought 3 chicken is enough until we reach at 6pm in Singapore. Later i know it is really 11 hrs flight. Not like counting 11am to 6pm. Must add 4 more hrs Singapore time. Haiz.

After buying all the stuffs , the salesgirl says she will packed and bring to the inside of the departures shop for me to collect. I bought skin care stuffs and a glove. Mom decided to buy the glove after seeing me look at them and not buy the tee shirts. After clearing the security i went to collect the stuffs and boarded the plane.

After the plane lifted off and around 1pm we took out our chicken and have our lunch. We should have bought some Macdonald burgers or chicken because it is a long flight. I forgot it is a 11hrs flight. On the plane one cup noodles cost $5.00 but we did not order.

When it is NZ 5pm i thought we are going to land but i remembered it is Nz time and need to change the time again to Singapore. We need to wait another four hours before reaching. Trying to sleep. I dozed off for a while.

Later I woke up and still have some more time before touching down. At last we landed at 6.10pm and the pilot says we are 5 mins early. So bored sitting on the plane for 11 hrs.

We were really hungry when we touched down in Singapore. Quickly we checked out, took our luggages and find the staff's canteen at the basement. I ordered laksa yong tau foo myself after mom order hers with soup. Then we took the mrt back home. I have to transfer to taxi at my mrt station. Reach home tired but happy to be home.

NZ DSCN3839_20120609_1244

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