Thursday, June 7, 2012


We woke up early and get ready to check out. Since we have lots of time before checking out and taking the 11.15am bus from the same driver, we prepare to cook breakfast of mmee with veg and the pork sausages. We should eat all the food but we did not. I forget whether Auckland hotel have any kitchen or not and brought the balance sausages and vegetables there.

We returned the kitchenware and get back our deposit. Then we rolled our bags downhill to the road outside. I thought we can go to the General Store again and relax but it was closed that day. I went to the Isite to book us the shuttle bus to Airport for the 9th june. I asked the Isite gal about the Bays of Isle tour but she cannot find it for a cheaper price. Anyway i think it is about the same as those boat tour like Milford sound and did not book myself.

Later the bus came and the driver asked "how are we". I said "fine" . He brings us express to Auckland without any stops at all. Lucky we went toilet at the Isite before going up the bus. Also he is good to drop us at our hotel opposite. On the way to Auckland i saw some more farms with sheeps and cows.

We checked in found the hotel sink too small and the hot and cold taps separated and difficult to use. Better don't choose this hotel if you are going there.

I found one food centre nearby and have many kinds of food. The food court is inside the shopping center called Atrium on Elliot. Got Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indian food. Mom wanted to eat Chinese food, she choose 2 types of veg/meat and i choose 3. Hers is $7.00 and mine is $8.00. I find that the mutton is all fat, beef is ok and chicken is probably breast meat.

Then we went shopping around and to the Sky tower for a look but mom do not want to pay to go up. So we went shopping in the tower. I bought some soaps and cream. Mom bought two tee shirt. We went back to the Atrium shopping centre  There is one big shoes shop there.

After shopping we went to find Macdonald to check my facebook and we eat burgers there also. As i have use up all my batteries we left and went back to the hotel , on the way we went inside the 3 for $10 shop and i bought one ear muffer and Mom bought one calculator for Dad and a tweezer. We took some pictures and went back to our hotel to rest.

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