Tuesday, June 5, 2012


We wake up early to wait for the bus to take us to Wai-o-tapu and Waimangu. I told the reception and she says she will call me when the bus arrived and she asked us to wait in the room.

Later she called and we went down. The driver is another maori man. He is very friendly and funny. He sang one song for us.

We went to see the Lady Knox at 10:15am before visiting the two other parks. After taking some pictures we continued to Wai-o-tapu. We did not managed to finished the three parts of the walk. We were worried and we take the wrong path and went back to the shop after walking one circle of the first path. We have only 1.5 hrs to finished which i don't think we can do it. Anyway we completed the biggest walk.

Mom is hungry and she take out the cold chicken to eat. After eating half we went to washed our hands. Then we have a look at the things inside the shop.

We waited for the bus to bring us to another park, where we will see volcanos, mountain and nature. Here we will have more time like 3 hrs. Again i think we better walk faster or skip the last two loops. We took a bus when we reach the bus stop no 2 to take us to the lake at bus stop no 3. When we reach bus stop no 2 i found that we are actually earlier than the time allowed.

As i do not want to be late we skip the centre part which have only 2 scenes to view, we take the bus to the lake where we took some pictures and boarded the bus to bring us back to the entrance.

NZ DSCN3213_20120605_1443

We had lunch at the cafe next to the entrance. We ordered a plate of beef lasagna to share. Also we soaked the cold chicken in hot water and finished it with the lasagna.

Then the bus came and we went back to the hotel. It started to rain after we reached the hotel.

We had mmee for dinner again with the balance chicken in the fridge.

Then we stayed inside the hotel and went down to the spa again for a short soak. Later we packed our bags and get ready to leave for Waitomo in the morning.

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