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City Central Hotel           37 Wellesley Street, Auckland

GOOD          Just near to the city.

BAD             The kettle is horrible and you cannot wash inside , leaving many orange stains. The heater is a small portable unit although serve it purpose does not look good. The shower is the one i hate being fixed to the wall and cannot be extended although the water pressure is good. The sink is real tiny with one hot water and one cold water. How they expect me to wash my face and brush teeth with this kind of separate taps is beyond me. Either i scald my hands and face or i froze them. The beds have black things inside which makes me thinks of bedbugs. It is expensive with this kind of admenities.

4.2 from one stay           
7.0 from 101 guest reviews

Bealey Avenue Motel     

229 Bealey Avenue, Christchurch    

GOOD        The owner is accomodating to our requests. The laundry is the cheapest i have seen. Only $2.00 wash and $2.00 dryer. Although i set the wrong temp for the dryer because i am afraid it will melt my polyester print on my tee shirts, i used the heater to dry all my clothes when the dryer did not fully dried it. The heater is very good. The shower is one of my favourite kind. I liked to use shower with long extension. Those which is fixed to the wall i hate the most. We cooked our food in the hotel which have all the necessary utensils. When i see the wrong time and checkout at 11pm instead of 7am because i see the wrong time of Singapore he let us back into the room. Haha. Very funny. He said "what's going on? I need my sleep." Booked and stayed 3 days although should have book 2 days because the city is blocked n closed. Nearby have one thai container food kiosk which we packed one dinner and it is good. The owner also let us keep our bags there for 2 nights until we get back from Queenstown.
BAD             Not exactly near the intercity bus stop , must walk a bit.
7.5 from 2 stays             
8.0 from 185 guest reviews 

Downtown Backpackers
1 Bunny Street, Wellington              
GOOD        Nearest to the Railway station which i need to travel to the next stop and arrival from the ferry. They have the type of shower head i liked to use. Extendable hose.
BAD             The heater is non existence and due to the broken window latch the room is very cold. When i bath the cold air keep coming thru the window. We manage to survived only from the thick blankets. If the temp outside is any colder i don't think it is enough. No boiling of hot water inside the room. Need to go down kitchen to fill or use the pot to bring up. If it is not winter it could be ok to stay.

4.6 from one stay           

7.8 from 58 guest reviews 
Absoloot Value Accommodation       

50 Beach Street, Queenstown          

GOOD        Free wifi, near shops, kitchen. The heater is also very up to date and easy to use.

BAD             Shower very difficult to adjust the temp wasting lots of water doing the adjustment and also without extendable shower hose is very minus minus point for me. The shower space is also very small. Wifi password have to change everyday making it a waste of time logging in for me. No tables for us to put anything at all. The jug is dirty.

6.7 from one stay           

8.4 from 114 guest reviews               

Ambassador Thermal Motel              

1101 Hinemaru Street, Rotorua        

GOOD        The room is big, kitchen is adequate, one milk carton 250 ml or less for 2 days stay and hot tubs and pools with towels.

BAD             The shower is not suitable for woman . I don't feel clean showering with water so high up. Shower space is small , if you are above average weight , you cannot move inside. The bed covers don't looked like washed daily. Some lights is out.

6.3 from one stay           

8.6 from 96 guest reviews                 

Kiwi Paka Motel


Cheap and quiet.           


Booked the shared toilets and the shower is fixed and water pressure is low and very less water.              

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