Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We left Rotorua and took the bus to take us to Waitomo caves today. I forgot the driver name. He asked me why did i booked to stay in Waitomo since he can bring us straight to Auckland after the caves tour. Actually if we go straight there we would be starved until 2.30pm to reach Auckland as we do not want to eat at the caves cafe which was expensive.

The caves tour is very short only 45 mins. And we are not allowed to take pictures inside. We took some outside the caves. We sit on the metal seats of a boat and went down the stream or watever in the dark. It is real spooky n some people whisper in the dark.

Today the bus is a tour bus from Great Sights/Intercity. Since it is also a tour bus the driver is nicer and he entertained us with stories of New Zealand. He reminded us to wait at the bus stop tomorrow at 11.15am a bit earlier than the timetable. He asked another earlier bus to drop us at the Isite waitomo when he haven't depart yet as he still waiting for other passengers. So we changed to another bus and after 5 or 10 mins we dropped outside the Kiwipaka motel.

After we dropped opposite the ISITE we walked to the motel by an assess road beside. We have to walk uphill with our luggage. Actually it was not that far. We checked and asked the gal to give us the ground floor as we do not want to carry the luggage up the stairs. It is good she give us ground floor as not much people staying there.

I booked this KIWI PAK MOTEL as i thought i would need more time to explore the caves but actually i don't need to stay overnight there. After the check in we went out to find food. There is nothing much to do there but we get to eat the beef burgers in the General Store which costs $10 each also quite expensive but the beef patty is quite big.  Then we bought mmee, sausages to cook for dinner. The kitchen is big but some of the pots should be replaced. I remembered that we need to borrow some kitchenware from the reception and put down $10 deposit. So after buying we went back and get the kitchenware and keep the groceries inside the room. 

We went out again to explore the place and take pictures. We also went to see the $5 movie at the Discovery centre as there is nothing to do. We shopped inside the Isite and bought some facial mud and mask.

The room is small and it has only have two twin bed a table and chair and a small clothes rack. The bathroom which i was not aware is to be shared. We do not like the fixed shower heads and the water pressure. Did not enjoy my shower and have to run back to the room bare footed. So far it is only the price is cheap that is good. We met some school gals there. They were a bit noisy but is ok else it would be a bit quiet and seems deserted. Quite scarly if we were alone.

We went to the TV room a watch tv with two gals. Later they went out to the pub next to the motel. We went back to bath and sleep early as it is dark and we have nothing to do. I would not recommend anybody to stay overnight in Waitomo if possible. Wasted one evening here which could have save me one day in Auckland or somewhere else with more activities.

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We cooked sausages and veg with mmee for dinner. There is too much sausages. We kept some for tomorrow breakfast.

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